Laser is a beam of light that creates heat with pigment which is the color in our skin and hair. The darker and thicker the hair is the better the laser works. The heat disables the hair follicle which causes the hair growth to stop. It then disconnects from the hair bulb which causes that particular hair to be pushed up to the surface on its own quicker then normal.

This can cause a hair growth spurt in some areas,which is normal. The hair will eventually fall out of the follicle, which can take up to 2-3 weeks after treatment.

Our hair grows in 3 different stages;  Anagen, Telogen, and Catagen.  It is only effective on the hair growing in the Anagen stage, therefore it is normal to see the hair growing back in patches after treatment.

Be sure to shave the area being treated the day before. Do not shave the day of because this could cause razor burn and cause discomfort, rash, or irritation combined with the heat of the laser.

Be sure to stay out of direct sunlight for at least 3- 4 weeks before AND after treatment. Do NOT wax, pluck, thread or use chemicals to remove hair.  Shaving is the only method allowed.

Please be sure to let us know of any medical changes.

Everyone responds differently and laser is not down to exact science. Some may not notice a difference until the 3rd or 4th treatment when patchiness and thinning of the hair become the most noticeable. In some cases the hair may lighten. Additionally, you may experience mild to moderate redness and itchiness; this can be treated with Aloe and Hydrocortizone cream(found at any drugstore/retailer).


We use the top laser brands on the market, Candela and Cynosure; this includes both the Yag and Alexandrite lasers.

We can treat all skin types safely.

While we can treat dark brown & black hairs, unfortunately the lasers cannot treat white, grey, blonde, strawberry blonde, red or light brown hairs.


It feels very similar to a rubber band snap.

Laser is not down to exact science and everyone responds differently. Some factors include the color & thickness of hair, skin type, and the area being treated. It could be as little as 6 treatments or up to 12+ treatments.

It is permanent hair reduction.

Yes! It helps with those pesky flare-ups and fine lines!

Expect a slight pink/redness for a short while after


Everyone responds differently. The peel works on the underlayer of the skin to reveal smoother, less pigmented skin.

If you are someone who exfoliates a lot or uses RetinA or Retinol you will not peel as much. You may be a great candidate for a stronger peel, such as the VI Peel that we offer!

It is dependent on your skin concerns. We usually recommend a series of 3 for optimal results.


Yes! It aids in diminishing acne scarring , pigmentation, and fine lines!


Yes, side effects include some minor redness and swelling, but these usually disappear within 24 to 48 hours.


No, you will need to leave the peel on for the next 6 hours.


Our Revitalize Peel consists of lactic acid and resorcinal.